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by Lynda
text quote: identify the essential, eliminate the rest by Leo

So…what’s minimalism, you ask?⁣ Intrigued or think you might be one deep down?⁣ After enjoying the pictures of this design style, if you think this is you, I tell you how to get it done here!


Minimalism is a design or style in which the simplest and fewest elements are used to create the maximum effect and need. 

mimimalist bedroom

Are you a Minimalist?

Do you feel stressed by clutter around the house or too many things on a counter …or calendar?

vase of red-leafed plant

Do you hate it when it takes too long to tidy up and put things in their place?

Do you despise the thought of wasting time instead of applying that time to more meaningful pursuits.?

minimalist bathroom

Do you prefer thoughtful saving and planning to gotta-have-it-now splurges.⁣

minimalist kitchen

text quote: Minimalism - the ability to simplify without losing quality

If you answered YES! THAT’S ME to most of the above, you might really enjoy Minimalism as an interior design for your spaces. True minimalists swear the trade-offs are worth it—giving up material things that won’t last for clear-headed peace and happiness.⁣

How to Get Minimalism Done!

Pick a Room

Any room in your space. Label it “Family Room”, “Kitchen”, “Bedroom”, etc… according to the room’s function.

Clear it out

Take every single thing out of your identified room – occasional carpets, curtains, wall decor, tables, books, any movable furniture, and any furniture that does not belong to your room’s label. For example, if you’ve labeled this room “Family Room”, the exercise bike does not belong there. You want to start with an empty box except for big stuff that belongs in that space – like the bed in a “Bedroom”, bookshelves or a couch in a “Family Room, etc…

Clean the room to its most spotless.

Is the wall color right?

Standing in the middle of the room, does the color of the walls invoke peace and tranquility? For example, the whisper-light and muted shades of nature (browns, tans, greens, grays, and blues) and the softest variations of whites cover a room with peacefulness. As opposed to bright colors (reds, yellows, oranges, and purples) or dark colors (blacks, charcoal, deep greens and blues) which either seem to make one feel hurried (the former) or deeply introspective (the latter).

If it’s not the color you like for ‘peacefulness’, now is the time to re-paint! …I mean, the room is empty and all.

Add the Big Stuff

A key of minimalist design is you have more “room” than furniture. By that I mean, if you need to seat five people in your minimalist Family Room, then only have furniture enough to seat five – a couch and two chairs OR a loveseat and three chairs OR five chairs, etc…

Same goes for tables in your Family Room. Only place the number of occasional tables to be of service to the number of people using the room. For example, a coffee table for a couch or loveseat; a smaller table between two chairs.

Then, stop. That’s it. Just because you have left-over furniture that used to be in the Family Room doesn’t mean you need to cram it all back in. In minimalism – Less. is. More. Gift or donate or use the extra pieces in another room!

ahhhhhh, peaceful.

What about your TV or stereo system?? Hold on …let’s enjoy the space you’ve just created for a minute without any extra eye- or ear- noise. Bliss.

Decorating your Minimalist Room

Ok, your TV.

If you need to put it in this room, mount it on the wall and pay someone (yes, pay them) to mount is securely with ALL of the wires hidden in the wall behind it. (Nothing ruins your peacefulness quicker than a quagmire of exposed, dangly wires.) Or you can sit your TV atop a clean-lined cabinet.

Stereo system.

Same as the TV. If you need a cabinet for your stereo/speaker system, hold off and save for your perfect one! Bonus points if the cabinet you eventually gets has closed door/drawer storage!

Wall decor.

1 or 2 giant framed prints depicting ONE object each in a single color you enjoy – any color, but just one. (If you want or need to see a rolling countryside with trees and wildflowers and houses and lambs and fencing with a picturesque village in the background and birdies frolicking in the foreground, then you’re not a minimalist. Yep, it’s really that simple.)

Window coverings.

None, is the easy answer. But if you need privacy and/or light control, you can install clean-lined ceiling-to-floor, straight hanging drapes. Again, one solid color – no patterns or prints, no ruffles or lace. And, bonus points if they match your wall color! Hanging drapes should slide easily to one side or the other so they continue to hand straight down when open. Of course, fitted shutters or blinds in your wall color and NO drapery would work as well.


One item – a candle, a plant, a book, a vase of greenery or flowers (one color), a nice set of stacked coasters. Maybe two items if it’s a big table. You can have whatever you need out and about when you’re actually using the room – remote control, drinks and snacks, laptop, magazines, etc… – but when you’re done for the day, those items are stored or removed.

If you have alot of little things you use alot in this room, get a beautiful box that you love that has enough space to put all these items inside, and place it lovingly on your coffee table or TV stand.

(If you’re doing a kitchen or bathroom, all of these utilitarian items you need in those rooms should go into a drawer, pantry, or cupboard. Nothing on the countertops buy maybe one or two decorative items. The rest is stored out of sight until needed.)

Pillows/Couch Blankets/Area Rug.

Absolutely! …but by now you should be getting the drift of this minimalist theme thing. One color – the same color – for all pillows and throw blankets. The style of pillow and style of blanket matter as well. They should be clean lined, smaller rather than larger, and more functional than decorative.

An area rug should be functional as well and just larger than your seating area. It should be solid colored and ideally, the color should match your couch and chairs.


“More Shelve than Stuff” is the mantra here. When placing items on a bookshelf in any room other than a designated “Library”, you want to be able to see more shelf than stuff on every level of the bookshelf. No end to end wall of books – maybe 2-4 of your favorites only on a single shelf.

You can put something on each shelf if you want to, just don’t clutter or cram it full. Some examples are: One really nice ornamental statue of anything that makes you remember where, when, or why you own it. On another shelf – a couple of framed photos – again, only ones of people or places that make you smile. Invest in beautiful frames.

Bottom Line

text quote- quality is greater than quantity

Minimalism IS a beautiful style! You don’t have to create a bare, cold space – just a clean-lined and uncluttered one. You don’t have to discard everything you own just because they are alot of small, unmatching items or not the “right” color, you just have to store those items behind doors and in drawers when you’re not enjoying them. The color palette for furniture, floors, walls, and draperies is completely your choice and should be one you love! The style of minimalism is that the big things (walls and furniture and window coverings) are usually all muted and natural colors, and your accessories (pillows, area rugs, framed art) are the other color/s that warm your heart.

Hit me up if you want some help! …I’m aways down for clearing out a room or two.

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