Planning to Sell: Sparkle Your Bathroom

by Lynda
USUAL DISCLAIMER: Prepping a house for SALE is NOT the same as living in a home.

Kitchens, bathrooms, & primary bedrooms sell houses. Sooooo, this week’s teeny, tiny activity focus for you to start prepping for your sale is:

The Bathroom.

The picture featured in the header of this article (above) is a bathroom many of us would LIKE to have, but probably don’t. The purpose of this picture, however, is to underline my original statement – bathrooms sell homes. (Some of us would buy this one.) This bathroom is clean and fresh with plenty of storage for bathroom stuff.

While this bathroom (below) may be “clean” – it is cluttered. Buyers tour this and subconsciously think, “There’s not enough room in this bathroom for the owner’s stuff. *My* stuff will NEVER fit.”

cluttered bathroom counter

regular bathroom - clean and sparkly

**THIS IS YOUR GOAL.** A normal, every day bathroom. THIS bathroom (above) looks “Nice. It’s clean and fresh.” And, in the Buyer’s subconscious mind, “there’s plenty of room in this small bath! It’s cute!” …mainly because the Seller’s stuff is not out everywhere.

If you’re still living in your house (and not showing it for sale right now), you don’t have to pack up all your own stuff and hide it. You be you! But you could start packing/disposing of the items in your bathroom/s that you no longer need or use in PREPARATION for your upcoming sale and move. 💜

How to get there for SHOWING a Home for Sale

Get a plastic tote big enough for all of your daily-use bathroom supplies – toothbrush, toothpaste, face cleansers, make-up, sponges, hygiene supplies, medications, shampoos and conditioners, bath soap, etc… (What do you do with the tote, you ask? Put it in the car and take it with you when there’s a house showing. Carry it back in at the end of the day. Cleaning supplies? a 2nd tote and a different article for another day.)

1. Nothing on the countertop except a soap dispenser, a (clean) hand towel, and some sort of color-matched decoration – a candle, plant, vase of flowers, etc…

2. Nothing under the sink except a stack of (clean) bath towels and a couple rolls of toilet paper.

3. Spotlessly clean mirror, faucet fixtures, sink, tub, toilet and floor.

4. Toilet lid CLOSED.

5. Bathroom trash EMPTY.

6. Clean, color-matching bath towels hung on the towel bar. Shower curtain partially or fully closed. (I like partially closed because it helps the space look bigger, but that’s just a preference.)

7. NOTHING in or on the ledges of the bathtub/shower. Remove shower caddies dangling from the shower nozzle and the ones balanced in the corners of tubs.

8. Pack loose drawer items in cute little zippered bags from the dollar-store or store them in an overnight bag or…you can just clean the drawers out completely and leave them empty. (Yes, Buyers will open kitchen and bathroom drawers.)

Message me if you’d like my help with selling your home FAST & for more money. 💜

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