Put Together Rooms

by Lynda

People ask me, “How do I get that whole ‘put-together-rooms’ look?” While there’s a bunch of answers, the first thing that goes into it is: All of the room’s hardware is the same material and color.

Really. That’s it!

Check out the photo…

Put together rooms start in the front entry hall.

* the front door’s latch, hinges, and lock are black (or oiled bronze which is dark enough to be called black)

* the interior french doors on the left have the same color hardware for knobs

* the picture frames on the (left) wall have the same color as the hardware

* …and the overhead lighting has the same color on its iron parts as well!

But, you say, the mirror (right) is not edged in this color! …exactly, but see how the grounding side-table is close to black? (probably espresso stained) Excellent pairing!

See how the black is even picked up in the carpet runner, too?

None of this foyer’s pieces are matchy-matchy and yet, they all work to give the space a ‘put-together’ feel.

You can put together rooms quickly and inexpensively. And, you can do this with any color hardware – this pic with black hardware just jumped out at me first. Try it! …and share before/after photos with me (tag me, of course! @lasvegasliving.love on FB or IG – I’m freaking addicted! 😂 🤩 ) And contact me if I can help with questions and such!

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